December 30, 2021

2022-02-22 | 21:11:32

September 7, 2021

So thrilled with my purchases

"We were in Anchorage on the last day (8/2020) of the Farmers Market. I walked in the Denali Fur and Leather tent and left with fingerless gloves and slippers. We were at the beginning of a 2 week RV trip around Alaska. It was chilly enough to use both items many days on our trip. When we got home to GA, I wore my slippers nearly everyday of the winter (working from home during Covid) and got compliments on my gloves every time we went out. I look forward to the coming and fall when I get to wear them both again. I highly recommend Denali Fur and leather."
January 25, 2021

"We had a fantastic experience with Denali at the Anchorage Market during the summer. We shipped our beaver blanket home."
January 25, 2021

"Great service, super hats, affordable prices."
January 25, 2021

"I got a marten trapper hat and a pair of sheared beaver w/fox trim slippers from Wayne Kemp. Warm and cozy!! They’re perfect!"
January 25, 2021

"I ordered a pair of the mink and silver fox (slippers) as my first real surprise present for my lovely bride who gets cold easily. They have lasted since I purchased them around 7 years ago and look like new but have been worn nightly through all the winters and cold snaps since. Mr. Wayne Kemp exemplifies excellence in his products and professionalism. His skill and products are evident. World class products made with excellence."