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Fur Slippers

Feel the Quality Beneath Your Feet

No home is complete without a pair of slippers. Your feet can stay warm and cozy all through the year with footwear by Denali Fur. Customers nationwide purchase our fur goods as well as local loyal residents of Wasilla, AK.

Our quality work is exemplified in our expert craftsmanship and professionalism each slipper can be made with a variety of fur bearers including otter, mink, beaver, and fox. You can give a custom design gift that will be enjoyed for years-and please dont forget yourself! Get yourself a pair of comfortable slippers.

Slippers in whole sizes
Women’s slippers fit the next half size

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Sheared beaver toes with beaver trim

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Otter toes with beaver trim

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Sapphire toes with fox trim

To order a pair of our slippers, or to learn more information about Denali Fur, please contact us by calling 907-373-3877 today.
Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Black sheared beaver toes with fox trim

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Beaver toes with beaver trim 

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Baby Booties

Fur Slippers Wasilla, AK

Wayne at work
Coming Soon slippers with rubber soles

“I ordered a pair of the mink and silver fox as my first real surprise present for my lovely bride who gets cold easily. They have lasted since I purchased them around 7 years ago and look like new but have been worn nightly through all the winters and cold snaps since. Mr. Wayne Kemp exemplifies excellence in his products and professionalism. His skill and products are evident. World class products made with excellence.”

– Jeremiah

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