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Quality That Lasts

There is nothing more timeless and luxurious than fur. Denali Fur is home to a variety of fur products that are custom designed and expertly made. Since 1990, the products of Denali Fur have established a loyal clientele in our hometown of Wasilla, AK, and have reached a network of customers nationwide.

Made with the fur from numerous exclusive traders of the American Trappers Association (ATA), each of our products is created with a state-of-the-art sewing machine, years of expertise, and can be customized to your vision.

Clothing & Accessories

Create a statement and stay warm at the same time with any of these authentic fur clothing and accessory items.

Fur Hats – Slippers – Mitts – Coats – Headbands – Neck Wraps – Earmuffs

Fur Hats Wasilla, AK
Fur Coats Wasilla, AK
Fur Headwear Wasilla, AK
Fur Hats Wasilla, AK
Fur Coats Wasilla, AK
Fur Headwear Wasilla, AK

For the Home

Bring warmth to your home. Lay your head on a comfortable fur pillow on your couch or bed, and pull up your fur blanket to snuggle with before a deep sleep. We can even make a childhood companion for your little one with our expert fur artistry!

Pillows – Blankets – Dolls – Teddy Bears – Puppets

Fur Comforter Wasilla, AK
Fur Bedding Wasilla, AK
Fur Puppets Wasilla, AK
Fur Bedding Wasilla, AK
For any questions about Denali Fur and our products, please contact us by calling 907-373-3877 today!

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