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About Denali Fur & Leather

Continuing the Tradition of Timeless Products

From the beginning of time, fur has been used as a means of survival against the cold, harsh winters. Today, fur is seen as a timeless luxury that creates a bold, sophisticated statement that keeps you comfortably warm.

Denali Fur started with a piece of paper. Wayne Kemp started sketching patterns for slippers and then fabricating them. Using his creativity and gifts of hand-making products for others, he decided to branch out to sell fur hats and other products. He soon discovered the possibilities that would come from working for themselves. He founded Denali Fur in 1990 and the rest is history. Wayne has learned so much since his teenage years when he trapped his first muskrat and made his first fur hat.

Today, Denali Fur sells and custom creates authentic Alaskan fur products for locals of Wasilla, AK, and nationwide customers. Whether it’s a fur coat, slippers, pillows or a blanket, all of our products are made with master artistry and with fur from the Alaskan Trappers Association (ATA).

Denali Fur & Leather Wasilla, AK
Wasilla, AK
Denali Fur Wasilla, AK

For more information about us, and our products, please contact us by calling 907-373-3877!

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